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Ivee (Interactive Voice Inc.) was founded in 2011 as a consumer-focused, voice-control electronics company. ivee works at the intersection of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, natural language understanding, and the Internet of Things. We worked closely with ivee from the beginning designing and developing their products, building the brand design language, the graphic and voice user interface, as well as oversaw the manufacturing process.

Above: Ivee Sleek
Sleek is a WiFi enabled voice interactive assistant which is activated by your command. Using natural language understanding, machine learning, and computational knowledge engine, ivee understands you and responds accordingly. ivee's advanced voice trigger technology allows you to wake the device without any hands. Two beam-forming microphones cancel ambient noise and make it possible to talk to ivee from up to 10 feet away. In addition, light and temperature sensors are used to detect ivee's ambient surroundings, making her smart and aware.

Below: Ivee Flex
Ivee Flex was the first flagship product we designed to build a consistent design language and usability. The ivee Flex has a 5" tall LED display, 6 alarm sounds, 6 sleeps sounds, and understands 45 voice commands.