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The VIP (Visually Impaired People) Companion is a walking cane that is designed to assist visually impaired or blind individuals by guiding them around obstacles and directing them to a desired location. It is estimated that there are approximately 1.3 million blind persons in the United State and about 40 million in the world; these statistics indicate a growing market for products that assist individuals with visual impairments. However, because many products that help the blind adapt to their environment are not accessible to everyone, the VIP Companion has been designed to be both intuitive and affordable.

Built-in sonar sensors constantly communicate with the surrounding environment, detecting obstacles and guiding the cane, and therefore the user, away from the obstacle. Once the area is clear from the obstacle, the cane then redirects the user to his or her original path. The sonar system of the cane may be disabled by the user in the event of crowded areas or technological failure. The VIP Companion may also be designed and manufactured with a built-in GPS.