Case Studies

Cisco Linksys


Chariot Wheelchair

Mobi TykeLight

Adia Ultrasound

EMI Music Group


IVEE Voice Assistant

Celsya, Inc.

SafeGear ID Tags

Inclusive Design and Development’s founder, Eran Weinberg, worked closely with Cisco Systems to design the enclosures for two networking products that were under production. The ultimate goal of this challenge was to design a new and innovative shape for these networking products, while at the same time maintaining Cisco’s brand identity.

Above: WES610N and WET610N
The Wireless Dual Band N Ethernet Bridge can transform any wired Ethernet product into part of a wireless network. This device is ideal for streaming video and sharing music and photos wirelessly around the house.

Below: USB300M
Connects any computer, game console, or other device to a wired network by converting any USB port into an Ethernet port.