Our Approach

We go beyond the ordinary process of creating products. Each phase of the product development process is carefully analyzed. Whenever we create a product, we always keep in mind our customer (client), the distributors and retailers, and of course the end user. They are all equally important since they all play a role in the success of the life of a product. We don’t just make products; we help improve your business.

We identify opportunities by understanding the mind-set, the material and emotional needs, of the end user which are essential for creating products that fill these needs in the marketplace. We study trends in the market place and in technology and develop the product to maximize a strong, emotional connection for the end user and for the brand.

Opportunities move closer to reality during the design and development stage of a product’s life cycle. The translation from concept to development can only be successful when a clear understanding of the process is achieved. Inclusive Design and Development understands that design is more than just a singular process; instead, it is a multifaceted approach that takes into consideration not only the design concept, but the impact the product will have in the marketplace, as well.

Manufacturing is a tedious task for most that are unfamiliar with its complications. As experts in this field, we can easily determine the best manufacturing methods to maximize production and minimize cost. Having locations in Asia allows us to manage production and quality control. Our network of approved factories in China can allow us to quickly move to production and improve “time to market”.

A specific game plan, with a deep understanding of the market to support it, is crucial when targeting the end user. By understanding the market we can create brand value which will be memorable and marketable. From the product design, packaging, web and print, IN(D)2 knows the process in order to make that lasting impression.