Mission Statement
IN(D)2 is determined to create and bring to fruition innovative products that will lead and succeed in the market place.

To be the best in class global product development company and create lasting relationships with all our clients.

Who we are

“Inclusive Design” is the design of products, services, environments, or communications accessed and enjoyed by the broadest spectrum of consumers on a global basis.

Inclusive Design and Development, IN(D)2, is a value-added global design, development and consulting company with the goal of creating innovative products for our clients that stand out and above today’s marketplace of consumer and business goods. We develop a personal relationship with all our clients in order to best fit the company’s brand identity. Our proven process allows you to achieve brand awareness and market position for your products and maximize a return on your investment.

Our talented multidisciplinary team of professionals use a unique approach to enable your company to bring to market innovative and highly desirable products. We identify your target audience, clarify what the audience needs and wants, and then determine how products will be designed and marketed to meet their needs. This is the foundation for your company’s success.

Inclusive Design and Development’s founder, Eran Weinberg, has been consulting, designing, developing and bringing a wide range of products to market since 2003. In 2007, IN(D)2 ,formerly known as Celsya, Inc., was established to take the expertise and success that were achieved in past endeavors and empower others to benefit from our insight and experience to develop and market their own product line.